Antonio Fernandes

Antonio Fernandes

Antonio Enrico Fernandes was the operations manager and second officer of the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705) from 2372 until 2373 and the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705-A) from 2374 onwards. His nickname is “Tony“.

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Early life

Antonio “Tony” Fernandes was born to Drs. Xavier and Maria Fernandes aboard the USS Auckland (NCC-4100) on 3 November 2340. Both of his parents’ scientific interests and inventions led him to his career in Starfleet.

Throughout his childhood, Tony Fernandes spent a lot of time aboard the Auckland with his two older sisters, Remedios and Amaranta, and his parents as the latter two tested various prototype equipment they had invented.

Sometime during his teenage years, his parents’ experiments with a coaxial warp drive aboard the Auckland went horribly wrong, severely damaging the ship and issuing an abandon ship order from the ship’s captain. Tony survived this incident, and the survivors spent several weeks on a planet affected by the aftermath, nearly driving them all insane. (“Salvation“)

Starfleet Academy

Tony Fernandes attended Starfleet Academy from 2358 until he graduated in 2361.

Starfleet history

Fernandes was aboard the USS Wellington when the Garon II incident occurred. With eight other officers dead and scores wounded, Fernandes was the next-in-line to take command of the ship and brought the Wellington to safe harbor, despite the death of his then-partner, Olivia De Luca. (“Catalyst, Part One“, “An Innocent Time“, “Salvation“)

Fernandes also served with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and one of his assignments there was the refit of the USS Cantabrian. Here, he met and befriended fellow Corps Engineer, Ethan Arden. (“Catalyst, Part One“)

Aboard the Starship Cantabrian


In 2372, Tony Fernandes accepted Captain Noah Wrightson‘s invitation to become second officer and operations manager of the USS Cantabrian.

After Samantha D’Angelo’s death at Starbase Expanse 4 and leading several successful away team missions, Wrightson asked Fernandes to take on the first officer role, but Fernandes declined, feeling he wasn’t the right candidate for the job. Wrightson chalked this down to the Garon II incident. (“Catalyst, Part One”)

Months later, Starfleet demanded no interference with a pre-warp planet affected by a subspace rupture caused by the triggering of Samantha Delaney’s booby-trapped folded space drive at Dante Station. Fernandes concluded to collapse the anomaly and save the planet’s inhabitants, and he stole a shuttlecraft to collapse the rupture. Captain Wrightson piloted the Cantabrian to stall the USS Auckland (NCC-65201) from stopping Fernandes. (“Salvation“)

Near the year’s end, Fernandes was forced to take command when Wrightson, first officer Elizabeth Singh, counselor Daniel Radke and linguist Benjamin Caldwell were kidnapped by the Myhr’an. He successfully not only oversaw urgent repairs on the Cantabrian but also fought the Myhr’an super battle cruiser and retrieved the missing crew. (“Deceptions“)


Fernandes, like his commanding officer, faced a court martial for his disobeying of orders in 2372 (see “Salvation“) and was found guilty; however, due to his service, no penalty was imposed. (“Repercussions”, “The Betrayed”)

He grew closer to Aotearoa first officer Beth Karami after working with her on several occasions, and Liz Singh set the two up on a date even. (“Whispering Into My Years of Pain”) This short-lived relationship was bitter-sweet for Fernandes when Aotearoa captain Liam de Gaillimhe ordered his ship to bear the brunt of Samantha Delaney’s temporal weapon, sending them into an unknown place and time. (“Best Served Cold”) Karami piggy-backed a message for Fernandes on her message to Singh, asking him to move on with his life. (“I Who Have Nothing”)

A temporal displacement wave threw Wrightson, Fernandes and Jonar back in time where their shuttlecraft crashed on an uninhabited planet. Studying the caverns and attempting to find any resources to help repair the shuttle, Wrightson and his team bumped into Captain Thekla Lawless and an away team, including then-Lieutenant Marjal Jonar. When a storm on the surface prevented the original Cantabrian from beaming Lawless up, Wrightson and his crew, in the repaired shuttlecraft, left the planet and transported Lawless back aboard, then finding the temporal rift to return back to their original time. (“The Fire in Which We Burn”)

The Cantabrian‘s cat-and-mouse game with Delaney’s Dark Starship unnerved the normally-stoic Fernandes. After the Cantabrian‘s destruction, he was one of the away team to beam over to Delaney’s ship, assisting in taking control and capturing Delaney and her cohorts. (“By All Means Necessary”)

Excerpt from Corps Leader’s report

Profile by Commander Kwong Ju’an. Stardate 49447.8

Lieutenant Commander Antonio Fernandes, called Tony by friends and colleagues alike, has served in the Corps of Engineers for the past few years, his latest assignment under my command at Utopia Planitia. During his time here, Commander Fernandes continued to prove his extraordinary engineering and scientific abilities. (As a side note, one can tell he’s a Fernandes, his genius following the intelligence of his parents, Doctors Xavier and Maria Fernandes.) His best achievements as an engineer included his adaptation of a newer type warp core and fitting new technologies such as the HOLIE system and scout ship launch bays aboard the USS Cantabrian.

Commander Fernandes’s life and career haven’t been without trials. As a teenager, he and some of his family survived the failed folded space drive experiment aboard the USS Auckland, enduring several weeks marooned on an M-class planet before help arrived. Years later, serving aboard the USS Wellington, Fernandes took command when the majority of the senior staff, including his partner, were severely injured or killed at the hands of the Garonese.

Throughout it all, however, Fernandes remained calm and collected. Using his analytical mind, he scientifically thinks through various scenarios at near inhuman speeds and is rarely wrong. While the Corps will miss his expertise and many talents, we wish Commander Fernandes well aboard the Starship Cantabrian.

Personal relationships


Antonio Fernandes was related to:

  • Dr. Xavier Fernandes, his father;
  • Dr. Maria Fernandes, his mother;
  • Remedios Fernandes, his sister;
  • Amaranta Fernandes, his sister.

Amaranta Fernandes

Amaranta Fernandes was a Starfleet officer, who, in 2372, was finishing an assignment on Betazed. Her next mission was second-in-command of a deep space mission aboard the USS Tupuna. She tried to convince Tony to join her on the Tupuna in the hope that getting him away from the Federation would help him finally get over the death of Olivia De Luca. (“An Innocent Time”)


Ethan Arden

Tony Fernandes met Ethan Arden in 2369 when the two worked for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, upgrading the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705). (“Catalyst, Part One”)

The two often played games such as rugby league and football (soccer) together, as well as spend time “hanging around” when both off duty.

Arden encouraged Fernandes to start dating USS Aotearoa first officer Beth Karami in 2373. (“Whispering Into My Years of Pain”)


Olivia De Luca

Tony Fernandes and Olivia De Luca served aboard the USS Wellington together. During the infamous Garon II incident, during which Ro Laren disobeyed a direct order, Olivia De Luca was one of the officers killed. Fernandes never quite recovered from the ordeal and had not dated anyone since. (“Catalyst, Part One“, “An Innocent Time“, “Salvation“)

Beth Karami

Fernandes met Beth Karami, the Aotearoa‘s first officer, through working with the Aotearoa team in 2372 and 2373. In 2373, Liz Singh set the two up on a date, and their relationship grew from there. (“Whispering Into My Years of Pain”), et al). The Aotearoa‘s sacrifice, after Delaney’s temporal weapon sent it into an unknown time and space, and Karami’s exile strongly affected Fernandes. Karami piggy-backed a message for him on the back of Singh‘s message, telling him he needed to move on. (“Best Served Cold”, “I Who Have Nothing”)