Minor Characters

Let’s make sure history never forgets the name Cantabrian.

Character Position Introduced Last Seen
Anne de Gaillimhe Liam de Gaillimhe’s wife “White Flag” “White Flag”
Marquez Caldea IV leader Isolation Isolation

Anne de Gaillimhe

Anne de Gaillimhe was the wife of Captain Liam de Gaillimhe. She was killed by the Treaty Killers sometime prior to 2372. (“White Flag“)

It’s strongly implied Anne, like Daniel Radke, was a M’Tar Liaison. The name “Anne” is a play on Buffy Summers’s choice of name when on the run in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Marquez was the leader of the Caldea IV colony in 2372.

After the USS Cantabrian assisted in quelling a medical outbreak, Marquez and other colonists threw a dinner in honor of the crew. Captain Noah Wrightson and Counselor Daniel Radke were the last Cantabrian senior officers to leave.

Marquez assisted the Cantabrian crew in their investigations into Wrightson‘s infection by a variant of Caldean Acute Cardiopulmonary Syndrome, also revealing some vital history into the disease.

After the Cantabrian left to drop of civilians at Starbase Expanse 7, Marquez remained in regular contact with Radke and Wrightson aboard the supply station in orbit. (“Isolation“)