Season 4

2375. The Scourge that sent the angels crawling.

Stuck in the midst of the M’Tar-triggered full scale Pilmarian-Steranmio War, the USS Cantabrian-A crew fight to keep their heads above water, coming face-to-face with the deadly Scourge Conglomerate…

4.01 Too Much Truth Overshadows the Right Lies  
4.03Not That Girl
4.04Me on the Ground, You in Mid-Air
4.05Best of You
4.06God Bless This Mess
4.08The Scourge That Sent the Angels Crawling
4.09Brutally Honest
4.10Save the Last Dance
4.11The Prayer of Saint Francis
4.15Behind the Man
4.16In Hindsight
4.17Could We Start Again Please?
4.18Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
4.19World’s On Fire
4.20Ballad for Dead Friends