Time is the fire in which we burn.

Adventures in time and space, alternate realities, and beyond.

# Episode Stardate Description
S1 Hemorrhage Unknown Survivors from the Cantabrian and other Starfleet ships find themselves stuck in 1945, fighting a deadly new enemy, looking to exploit Earth at one of its weakest moments in history.
S2 Howl 53187.4 Milami Thall returns home to face her father and her demons, but there are other, more real demons on the planet’s surface…
S3 Dream a Little Dream of Me 44084.7 / Unknown Counselor Daniel Radke learns one of his old patients and friends, Corey Aster, has lost his husband in the Andromeda Galaxy. Undercover, Radke infiltrates the Romulan Star Empire, posing as a Tal Shiar operative, attempting to extradite Aster while thinking about his days as a counselor dealing with patients in the shadow of the Battle of Wolf 359.
S4 Gravity Unknown The Federation Civil War is over. Project Restoration is completed and the new Deep Space 9 is on-line. But Captain Daniel Radke needs to gather his friends and the commanding officer of the USS Cantabrian together to face a growing threat…