Breaking Benjamin

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1.03 2372 49612.6 Catalyst, Part Two Isolation

En route to Lelar Prime, attempting to enlist Lelari help in the fight against the Myhr’an, the Cantabrian must comply with the demands from three Lelari battle cruisers to accompany them back to the homeworld so Benjamin Caldwell can face charges of attempted genocide and mass murder…

“You and your conspiracy theories, Helena. Really. The Federation’s nearly on its knees with all the struggles going on around us, and you think there’s something to be gained by significantly weakening a technologically-superior race? Instead of simply asking them to help us?”

“Sometimes, Mama, the truth is stranger than fiction.”

“The truth is, Helena, that these people need to find a solution, not someone to blame. That’s the truth.”

Marie Bourget and Helena Bourget debate about Benjamin Caldwell‘s trial

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