HOLIE (short for Holographic On-Line Interactive Encyclopedia) was an experimental hologram installed aboard the USS Cantabrian as a part of her refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2372. Captain Noah Wrightson described HOLIE as, “the embodiment of the ship’s computer with a personality template”. (He also added he had not been very impressed with initial displays of the HOLIE system to him.)

The hologram was confined to a platform on the bridge and took the form of a woman in Starfleet uniform. Unlike the Emergency Medical Holographic program, HOLIE was programmed with pupil-less eyes and porcelain-white skin.

HOLIE could be switched from information mode to full integration mode. In information mode, she could only provide information; in integration mode, she could control main ship functions. (“Catalyst, Part One“)

HOLIE suffered a massive systems failure a few days later during a battle with the Myhr’an, during which her program was locked in integration mode. Antonio Fernandes disabled her with a phaser, destroying the HOLIE system. Starfleet deemed the HOLIE program unsuccessful and removed her from the Cantabrian shortly thereafter. (“Catalyst, Part Two“)

HOLIE was replaced, in 2374, by a Kartaali hologram named HEIDI, aboard the USS Cantabrian-A. Unlike HOLIE, HEIDI did not not have any constraints on where she could go within the ship. (“In the Still of the Night”)